The Program


As experienced teachers and educators in the field of the English language acquisition, we were aware that every successful program needs to start off by understanding the needs, abilities and interests of today’s young learners. Taking all these parameters into consideration helped us recognize the children’s needs and determine what is necessary for them to learn.

Young readers are a sensitive group as they have to be guided through the process of acquiring literacy and at the same time they need to develop a love of learning. We have carefully planned all the activities and materials that support student learning, and have determined how to measure it. When we were planning our activities we had in mind not only our users’ age, skills and interests, but also what they should be able to do both at a certain point in the level and by the end of the level. And that is how the idea of devising a personalized learning path was born.

What Is a Personalized Learning Path?


Educators in traditional schools have always struggled to mold their students according to certain predefined teaching programs. Having in mind that all learners have individual needs and interests, we have focused on developing dialogues, stories and activities which address various topics and vary in the level of difficulty.

Our placement tests are designed to enable learners to join the program at the point which best suits their level. This feature makes sure our users approach the learning process with confidence because they learn at their own pace and revise the previously acquired material at their convenience. The additional advantage of our program is that the learning material can be accessed at any point and any time so our learners will never miss a lesson. Our program encourages independent learning although it is recommended for schools as well.